Day 1: Say goodbye to financial stress.

Day 21: Live the life of a thriving creative entrepreneur!

a Step by step guide to personal budgeting for creative entrepreneurs


What It Is

For 21 days you will receive actionable tasks & motivation to your email inboxes daily, give and receive support from an accountability partner and access a wealth of information in a private community group.


What You'll Learn

If you're interested in aligning your dollars with your dreams -- including building your financial literacy & sticking healthy habits -- then sign up for this 21 Day Challenge: Budget Your Way To Creative & Financial Freedom.


Turn your ambitious vision into a financial roadmap. Your budget will guide you to your dreams.


Prioritize your spending. Put your money where your mouth is.


Look your finances in the face calmly and confidently.  Stop ignoring your money!


Build the healthy habit of checking in with your goals. 


Use your newfound personal finance foundation to start or grow a successful creative enterprise. It's your time!



Tech trainings (step by step videos) on how to make moves with YNAB, an online tool that we'll use to simplify and visualize budgeting.


Special Bonuses:

Private chatroom so you can get through the challenge with community support

Accountability partner to keep you on track

Expert Advice: 3 Strategies for Success by Changing The Way You Think & Speak by Stephanie Ciccone - Nascimento

An Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Investing (With Just A Few Dollars) by Melinda James


The 21 Day Challenge is a game changer.

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Meet the Team

Agüero Jahannes

CEO, Challenge Creator

Jacklyn Janeksela


Rubinna Vir Sami

Content Consultant

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Raquel Vigil

Curriculum Consultant



Q: Is this all online?

A: Yes! This is all online! That means you can access it at any time, wherever you are in the world.


Q: How much time will I need to spend each day?

A: Each lesson takes between 3-6 minutes to read on average. The amount of time it will take you to complete your tasks, on the other hand, will depend on your situation. I suggest planning to commit to 20 minutes a day. Some people spend longer, because they actually start to enjoy budgeting! Your Day 1 task will be the longest, so you'll actually have 2 days to divide the time to complete it.


Q: What do I need to do before I get started?

A: You'll need to do 3 things to begin. 1) Schedule your daily time. 2) Introduce yourself in the private community group. 3) Access all of your accounts, which means knowing all the places you have money going in or out and how to sign in online. If you don't do this, the 21 Day Challenge is going to be way more challenging! Set yourself up for success.


Q: What happens if I fall behind?

A: First off, keep in mind that this is designed to be challenging. Many people get behind or cannot complete a day or two at some point in the challenge. It is absolutely okay! The lessons are created so that you have multiple opportunities for repetition, so not completing a couple of tasks won't throw you off completely. It's important to plan ahead how you're going to schedule your time and what you game plan is if you do fall behind. You'll have an accountability partner as well to help you get back on track!


Q: Is this only for people who live in the U.S.?

A: No! The 21 Day Challenge teaches you the basic of budgeting and anyone around the world can use this system. Additionally, the budgeting tool we'll use, YNAB, allows you to select what currency you use.


Q: Do I have to use YNAB? / Can I use another budgeting tool like Mint?

A: During the 21 Day Challenge, I ask you to use YNAB. Why? Because it's great, particularly for creative entrepreneurs, artists and those with variable income. It's easy to use and there's tons of resources available. Not to mention, you'll have a group of people learning with you who are a great source of support when you need it. If you decide to use another budgeting tool, I will not be able to answer any questions related to that app.


Q: Is YNAB free?

A: No. YNAB is $5/month, or if you pay for a year, it's $50 (a $10 discount). YNAB offers a free 34 day trial though so during the duration of the 21 Day Challenge, you will have plenty of time to try it out and get really familiar with it, before ever having to hand over your dollars. Don't worry about those $5; I will help you budget for it.