Accountability Partner

21 Day Challenge: Budget Your Way to Creative & Financial Freedom

The accountability partner has been a crowd favorite for past participants of the 21 Day Challenge. In fact, many are still connected to their partner because of how beneficial they have been.

Remember, you are not alone on any part of this journey. You have someone who is going through the same 21 Day Challenge as you. Some days you will both struggle. Some days you will both triumph. There will come a time when you will need to ask for help. Do it. This is important and powerful. You will also be there to support your partner.

You be assigned 1 or 2 partners (groups of 2 or 3). Partners will be announced on Day 6, so be on the look out for an email in your inbox. You'll be expected to connect right away!

Name *
If someone were to refer to you in the third person, what pronouns would you want them to use? ie. "She is awesome!", "They are loved", "[Your Name] is powerful", etc.
What time of the day is good for you to do a quick (5 min or less) check in with your accountability partner? *