Day 1: Visioning Big

You are here because your visions are creative or entrepreneurial in nature; perhaps both.  The dream is to do what you love, live on that, and empower others.  Your visions are beams of light.  How can you shine those gems into the universe?  Let’s talk about that.

Visions are guides.  Vision can be spirits giving us via non-verbal cues, they can be ancestors whispering to us, and they can be our inner voice steering us in new directions. 

You have visions.  Sometimes they are so vivid you could swear that they were a part of your actual life.  You daydream and lucid dream so hard that these visions are nearly tangible.  

Don’t lose that spirit –do not lose it.  Not ever.  That spirit will allow you to change any situation, confront any obstacle, and become the person you long to be.  For today, specifically, it is that spirit that is the driving force and will help you understand yourself in relationship to your goals.  

It might sound gimmicky and corny, but if you believe, like for real believe, your visions can become walking, talking, automated elements.  

Starting anything can be daunting.  We are human beings.  Being born on planet Earth and being of earth means, despite some historical moments, we like stability.  Change scares us.  That is only because we’ve been taught that change is tough, frightening, and goes against the grain.  But you, as a creative entity, know all of that stuff sounds like it’s made for you.  So dive in –take the leap, there’s nothing holding you back but you.

You need to feel entirely connected to your vision, as though it is living with you, in order to animate it.  You must become your vision’s best friend; you must know your vision inside and out.  It is, after all, an extension of you.  

That is why today is so vital.  Today is a day of questions and you might feel overwhelmed not only by the questions, but you might feel anxious about the answers.  Do not worry.  This is a process.  It requires time and patience.  Not having all the answers right away does not mean you don’t know what your vision is or why you want it.  It also doesn’t mean that your dream cannot come true.  On the contrary, it only means you have some investigation to do and that, alone, should get you excited about this new journey, the journey that can set the precedence for future endeavors.  

Before you continue, one thing that needs to be addressed is negativity.  If there is negative self-talk, this won’t work.  If there are negative people around you, say goodbye to them.  You must be a believer and that requires high vibrational forces.  Start talking good about your vision today, right now –like this very second.  When there is doubt there is sickness and that is poison.  Do not poison your dream.  Doubts can be normal, but keep them to a limit and use them only so much as they serve you to propel your vision forward, into the light, into reality.  

Let start with some basic questions.  While a bit abstract, these questions can get the creative juices flowing.  Here are some questions to ponder:  

What is your vision, exactly?  
Can you name it?  
Can you give it a name?  
What does it look like, what does it act and talk like, what does it dress like? 
If your vision were a person, who would it be and why?  
While your vision is very personal, do you have a personal connection with your vision?  
Have you considered all of the qualities that make it/her/him/them up?  

Pause, think, & answer, please, not just in your head, but on a piece of paper, on your computer, anything tangible so you can reference these answers later.

Today is a day of questions.  Don’t lose steam just yet.  In order to further understand your vision, you must understand yourself and in doing so, you can become even closer to realizing a dream deferred.  

Sit down in a quiet space and consider all of these questions in as much detail as possible.  If you aren’t sure about some aspects, that’s fine.  Write what you know for now because the rest will come later.  This is a process, don’t force and don’t fret.  Take things in stride.    

Do you know why your dream is important to you?  
Where does it come from?  
Is it connected to a parent, a sibling, a loved one?  
Is your dream an unfinished promise to someone, for something?  
Is your dream the best version of yourself?  
What does your dream mean to you?  
What does it symbolize?
What values does your vision have?  
Why has this dream found you?
Why are you the person to make this dream reality?  

Talking to yourself, with yourself, about yourself and your goals will bring you in tune with your vision.  What is important for today is that you vibe with your vision, you bond with it, and you can identify it in a way that wasn’t possible before.  

Today’s questions should make you feel that you’ve started a relationship with your vision.  The truth is, you have.  So feel proud of yourself and know that day one of anything is the hardest.  You made it.  Save your responses.  Reference them when you need to, use them as motivators and guides.  Don’t forget to listen to your spirit guides, too.  They are the ones who brought you to day one in the first place.  Nothing is by chance.  You being here means you are dedicated to your vision.  

Prepare yourself for day two.  You will uncover the following items:  learning style, creative personality, and challenges as they tie to your dream.  Day two will uncover some heavy stuff, so be prepared to delve deep into self and swim in those waters.  There is no need for fear, keep going, you’ve got this.  Day one of the three day challenge is complete.  


1. Figure out where you are going to collect your writings for the next 3 days.

2. Review the questions above and begin free writing the answers. While this day is focused on the very big, the general, it's okay and great even to get very detailed with your responses. Right now you are not concerned with the how, just the what and why. Give yourself permission to be wild with it.

3. In the Chatroom, share some of your vision with the group.