Day 2: Facing Challenges

Here you are on day two.  Just finishing day one is a huge accomplishment and the fact that you have enough energy to continue speaks volumes.  On both accounts, you should feel proud.  You are fighting your way to happiness.  You are determined.  You are a warrior.  

Let’s keep going and get down to business, creative entrepreneurial business.

First, let’s talk learning styles.  

Do you know what your learning style is?  Well, if you don’t you can take a short quiz here & here to help you determine how you learn, process, and produce information.  

If you are visual, create diagrams or charts, paint a picture, make a collage.  To better understand vision, your focus should be on anything that appeals to the optical sensory element.

If you are auditory, listen to lectures, record yourself talking out ideas, and incorporate music or sounds.  To better understand your vision, anything that relates to sound will be your strength.

If you are tactile, engage in hands-on activities, use your energy to propel you forward, allow your body to move.  To better understand your vision, your emphasis is on corporal signals as guides.

When your learning style is clear to you, you can then apply it to your vision.  You can stop messing with styles that have nothing to do with you.  You can advance and evolve.  That is so empowering, right?  By realizing how you handle information, you can put efforts into one style rather than sampling others that don’t speak to you or attach yourself to styles which are not be beneficial to you.  You are learning and growing already, look at you.  Let’s keep going.  

You want to learn more about yourself, you say?  Well, ask and you shall receive.  Take a moment to finish the Jungian Personality Test here.  Make sure you are in an environment which best suits concentration.  

Just as you studied details about your vision on day one, today you are uncovering who you are.  Know thyself and all things are possible.  Being familiar with your personality type will lend itself nicely to which approach is best for your vision.  Read the description about your personality type to inspire you, soak up insight, and know that with each step you are getting closer and closer to your vision.  

You’ve tackled what your vision is.  You’ve unmasked parts of yourself.  Now it’s time to talk about fear, anxieties, and challenges.

As mentioned on day one, negativity should be avoided.  However, fear and anxiety are slightly different.  While they are related to negative self-perception and unhealthy, learned behaviors, they are indicators of how hidden you are from your success and how you prevent yourself from being a glorious creative entrepreneur.  Fear and anxiety mean that you are uncertain about the uncertain.  That makes perfect sense, actually.  But in recognizing these emotions, you can learn to control them and, eventually, eliminate them altogether.  

Let’s pause for some questions.  

Be warned, the questions are heavy and you may not have all the answers or even the time to answer every question in one sitting.  Take your time, manage and respond to them in the way that feels best for you.  Revisit your learning styles to back you up here. 

Addressing the unexpected is key.  You must anticipate everything.  That way you are prepared for whatever comes your way.  

What happens if things don’t go as planned, how will you respond?
Do you have a strategy for coping and managing the unexpected?
How open are you to changing the vision plan?
How open are you to trying again and again to get it right?
Are you willing to face the unexpected and know it’s part of the process?
Are you willing to accept a shift in plans and realize that, too, is part of the process?

Facing issues like failure and errors are a vital part of realizing your dream.  You cannot ignore the fact that they exist and to better manage your feelings, you must admit they exist.  

What does failure mean to you?  
Have you experienced failure before?
Do you know how to deal with failure?  
Do you know how to refocus and start again?
Can you accept that mistakes are a part of learning?
Can you accept that mistakes are part of making your dream come true?
Why do failure and mistakes scare you?  
How can you battle these feelings?

Support is an integral part of your vision.  You need people around you who believe in you and can steer you in the right direction.  You need a clan, a community, a family.  

Are you willing to accept help or you are dead set on doing this alone?
How open are you to seeking help and support from others in any capacity?
Can you ask for help and accept it with open arms?
Are you willing to ask for feedback or constructive criticism?
Do you understand the value of community in relationship to your goals?
How can community assist you with your vision?  

Facing your financial situation will pinpoint how to eliminate that which does not promote your vision. Be honest about how you spend your money, your relationship with money, and how you want your vision to take care of you financially.

What’s your money and employment situation like?
What’s your spending like?  
Are you willing to change your spending habits to make your vision a reality?
Are you willing to alter your lifestyle to afford your dream?
How much revenue do you expect from your vision?  
Are you afraid of losing money?  
Are you afraid of earning money and what that might mean for you?

As you look your challenges in the face, be strong.  Don’t hide away.  Be whatever animal or creature, but be the one that will help you stare these issues in the face and give the questions some answers.  

Finally you must see the change and be the change.  What will change when you achieve your goals?  

Because things will change, there’s no doubt about it.  Get ready for it.  Get excited about it.  

Pause.  Stop right now.  Ask yourself the following questions:

What is holding you back?  
Why haven’t you fulfilled the dream?  
Perhaps you’ve started, but haven’t moved to the next step.  Why?  
Perhaps you haven’t started and don’t even know where to begin.  What’s got you stuck?
What are the fundamental steps you need to take to get things moving?  
If you complete your dream what will it mean to you?  How will it look?  How will it feel like?  


1. Think about your learning style and take the Jungian Personality Test here. Write down any thoughts you have that might be pertinent to how you will achieve your vision.

2.  Choose 1 question from each section above (anticipating the unexpected, failure, support, financial situation and where you are right now) to guide you in a free write.

3. In the Chatroom, share with the group what is your biggest challenge in achieving your vision.