Day 3: Being Strategic

This is it, day three of the three-day challenge.  You are here.  You are really here.  

What you’ve accomplished thus far is nothing shy of impressive.  Give yourself the credit you deserve for having completed a three-day challenge.  Not everyone is doing something so innovative, positive, and productive.  Go ahead and pat yourself on the back, but also do some serious self-care.  Whatever self-care means to you –take a stroll in the park, read an inspiring book, meditate, listen to your favorite album, buy yourself a massage, eat a home-cooked meal, turn off all electronics and listen to life.  

Today is about transformation.  It’s about turning spark into flame.  

Today is also about priorities and taking what you’ve learned from both days and setting goals, making something intangible, tangible.  

Yes, you will set goals and, with a positive, fervent attitude, reach those goals.  You can do this, you got this.   

First things first, a look at your purpose.  

In this very moment, as you begin to focus on your vision in a truly acute manner, the question  you need to pose to yourself is this:  

What is the purpose of your vision?  What is your purpose and what purpose do you have for those who will join your vision?

Remember, your purpose might change, however in order to manifest motivation you have to touch base with purpose.  Without a clear, defined purpose, you’re aiming blind and your walking without direction which will eventually get you lost.  Lost is not the goal.  There needs to be a clear purpose.  Purpose is both spark and fire; in order to create a fire you need to know the why behind the fire.  

What is the purpose of the fire you want to build?  Is it to keep you warm?  Is it for cooking?  Is it to keep dangerous animals at bay?  Is it for light?  Only you can know the reason for the fire.  

Second on the agenda is examining your priorities.

In this very moment, as you reflect, what are you priorities?  Be honest.  In whatever way makes sense to you, sit down and define your priorities; and while you’re at it, define some possible outcomes.  

What are the things you want to accomplish now?  
What are the things you want to accomplish later, a month from now, a year from now?  
Write them down, vision board them, make them into little puppets, send yourself a voice reminder, or draw them out on canvas.
Can you set some small goals and deadlines, things that are reasonable and that allow you to move forward to avoid stagnation?  

You want to maintain your vision.  You want to keep things moving.  Listen up, you want to keep things moving, always moving.  That does not mean you need to be busy all the time, but in some capacity your energies will be.

That’s another objective for today, staying the course and ensuring that you have the stamina.  In doing so, you will notice that there might be things around you that prevent momentum.  Take a deep breath and think about distractions.  

Are there responsibilities or distractions that are obstructing your dream priorities?  What are they?  Name them.  
Is there a way to manage these distractions?  
Perhaps your distraction is your partner.  Can you sit down with him or her and talk about how important your vision is?  Will he/she understand?  
Perhaps your distraction is technology?  How can you create a schedule that removes technology from your daily patterns?
Perhaps your responsibilities include housework or children.  How can you ask those around you for help?  

Your surrounding are pivotal.  Your environment is fundamental in whether or not you will be successful.  You might have to change some things, drastically.  Get ready for it.  Don’t turn away from it.  Remember, you are the creative type and you can find a unique way to manage these new changes.  

Where are you in life right now?  This could mean physical, like a location or city, or it could be a mental space, too.  
Are you in a good place to make your vision real?  You should stop and witness your surroundings as an outsider and study where the structure is failing or where you are failing in the system.  
If you’re not in a good place, how can you change where you are right now to make things possible?  Again, this could mean picking up your life and moving, it could mean saying goodbye to habits and people, and it definitely means being stronger than you ever thought possible.  

Big changes are in store.  Brace yourself.  Do not run away from this.  Everything is ok, you’ve got an arsenal of gear in which to face this head-on.  You know more about your vision and yourself than ever before.  Keep all of your efforts going forward and your energy moving upward.  

You mantra is making changes for transformation.  Making changes is empowering.  Making changes means re-prioritizing everything.  But have no fear, you can prioritize your vision by talking to yourself in a very compassionate and honest way. 

What is preventing you from grasping your goal today or in the near future?  It does not have to be one set thing, it could be a collection of things that are getting in your way, but what or who are they?  Identify them, name them, and be prepared to handle them.  In order to get to where you want to be, you have to see the obstacles.  

Now all said and done, whatever happens, take pleasure in the fact that you went deeper than most people ever do.  You took the time to evaluate your situation, your desires, and your vision.  You put things in motion.  If nothing else, you learned more about yourself and your dream in a three-day challenge than some people do in an entire lifetime.  If nothing else, you were brave enough to try something new.  All of these reasons are awe-inspiring.  

Remember that being active in your creative entrepreneurial vision means trial and error, don’t shy away from that.  Embrace the fact that life can be unpredictable and go with the flow.  Re-teach yourself how to be your best self.  Re-learn strategies to make your vision part of your life.  Re-evaluate yourself in relationship to your ideas of success, happiness, and satisfaction.   


1. Choose 1 question from each section above (purpose, priorities, distractions, surroundings, obstacles) to guide you in a free write.

2. Look back on the all the work you've done in the past 3 days. Write 1-2 paragraphs summarizing your vision, your challenges and your strategy.

3. In the Chatroom, share with the group what your next step to achieving your vision is. Be sure to acknowledge other's goals as well.