I’ve got over 15 years teaching experience for people of all ages and from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds. My foundation is in social justice community organizing, so I aim for every workshop to be an opportunity in dismantling systems of oppression and facilitating ways for healing and liberation. Curricula can be adapted for small or large groups, individuals, adults, youth and/or specific identity groups (ie. POC only, trans/GNC, QTPOC, etc).

Design your Health

  • DIY Perfect Pillow: The Science and Design of Sleep Posture (series)

  • DIY Ergonomic Chair: The Science and Design of Seated Posture (series)


  • All Body Positive Community Acrobatics for Adults

  • Team Building: Youth Partner/Group Acrobatics

  • Incorporating Acrobatics into Dance Choreography

  • Hand Balancing for Dancers/Athletes

  • Stretching & Strengthening: A Resiliency Guide for Movers

Massage Therapy

  • Self-Massage: Neck and Shoulders

  • Interdependent QTPOC Community Massage

  • Consent and Team Building for Youth Through Physical Touch

  • Hard/Soft: Consent and Sensual Touch for Queer and Trans People of Color

  • Partner Massage


  • Budgeting for Artists and Creative Entrepreneurs

  • DIY Artist Portfolio Site

  • Ergonomic Workspaces

Book Me

Available for workshops at elementary, middle and high schools, universities, community organizations and businesses.